MaThWire Managing Through Wireless

Software Implementation:

For this project we decided to use a Raspberry Pi as our main processing unit. We used it because the Raspberry Pi is a inexpensive yet powerful processing unit. The Raspberry Pi will receive packetized data from the Data Buffer. That information will include proximity data and the Tag ID. The proximity data is used to help guide the guest so the Tag can be read. After the Tag is read, facial detection will be used to make sure the guest is interested in the exhibit. If the guest is paying attention, it will then query a back end database to get the guests name and language preference. After receiving this the GUI will then provide a personized experience to the guest.

Software Block Diagram:

GUI (Graphical User Interface):

The GUI is used to provide feedback to the user in a clean and understandable manner. Below is a representation of the Default GUI if no guest is present.

Below is an example of a guests interactive experience.