MaThWire Managing Through Wireless

Location Awareness Project

Going to a museum or exhibition and having to read generalised descriptions is now a thing of the past. Imagine instead walking up to an artifact and being uniquely and personally addressed based on your interests and language, hence having an interactive experience with it. This would eliminate the language barrier for tourists and non-English speakers. Moreover, this would envolve the spectator like never before. This is what our project has been focused on: knowing the visitor and being able to store his name and language in order to offer a personalized experience.

Project Overview:

Below is the block diagram of our design. We are using three different components in our design. The first part shown on the left is our sensing elements that includes ultrasonic proximity detection, a RFID antenna and reader, and a camera. In the middle of the diagram is our processing units of a PIC microcontroller on a customized PCB, a Raspberry Pi 2, and a backend database. The right side is the presentation of the customized data tailored to the guest at the exhibit.

Hardware Implementation:

Software Implementation: