MaThWire Managing Through Wireless

About Us

MaThWire is a team of Computer and Electrical Engineers from San Diego State University. Our goal is to use Engineering techniques to be able to solve real world problems for our sponsors. Our team consists of 2 Computer Engineers and 5 Electrical Engineers, all of us having different focuses and backgrounds. This brings different perspectives to our project helping and improving our design choices.

Roy Bost(EE)- Project Manager: Roy designed the housing for the final design using the SolidWorks software package. He also helped with the choice of the power supply, the design of the schematic and the custom PCB Data Buffer Board.

Tim Jordan(EE)- Repository Manager: Tim selected the RFID reader that was implemented and the RFID tags used. He worked on implementing the code for the UART connections along with Robert.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hatfield(CompE)- Administrative Assistant: Lizzy wrote the code for the facial detection by using OpenCV. She also created the GUI (Graphical user interface) and the speaker system, with the ESpeak software, and wrote the Analog to Digital conversion code for the UltraSonic sensor.

Robert Buchanan (CompE)- Webmaster: Robert created the database containing all the visitor IDs by using Microsoft SQL 2012 in Microsoft SQL Server. He created the data package to be sent from the Data Buffer Microcontroller to the Raspberry Pi.

Qorane Ahmed (EE)- Editor: Qorane worked on the schematic design and PCB for the Data Buffer with Roy's help, and selected the lanyards to contain he RFID tags for the visitors.

Hunter Young (EE)- Parts Manager: Hunter was tasked with designing an antenna capable of receiving the signal from the tags in order to identify the visitors. After a few implementations, he succesfully produced a design that met the specifications.

Vieri Mattei (EE)- Powerpoint Manager: Vieri chose the ultrasonic sensor. He was also in charge of laying out the presentation and produced the poster following the team's feedback.